Airtite Smoker - Drum - Front Above View


Real Barbecue, Without The Hard Work

The Airtite Smoker makes authentic slow smoked BBQ without needing hours of babysitting

Meet Your New Best Friend

We built the Airtite Smoker from the ground up to be the smoker you love to use

Easy Going

The Airtite Smoker cooks untouched for 12 hours on just one 3kg bag of charcoal. Just fire it up and forget about it, it’ll be perfect every time. That’s why we call it the Fire and Forget Pit.

Damn Delicious

Cowboy-style smoking directly over the fire is faster than other methods, but gives you always even doneness and true BBQ flavor you can’t get any other way.

Take It Anywhere

The Airtite Smoker is compact enough to carry to the park or stash on your balcony, but feeds up to 14 adults. It gets warm, not hot, so it’s safe to use around kids.

How It Works

What Makes Us Better?

Low Maintenance

Easy startup

The firebasket acts as its own chimney starter. Drop in a firestarter brick, light it up and in 10 minutes you're ready to smoke.

Precise temperature control​

Precise air flow control ensures that you won't need to monitor the temperature. Temperature surges from wind are stopped by the internal heatshield.

12+ hour cook times​

Our unique stainless steel firebasket cooks for at least 12 hours on a single 3 kg bag of charcoal. Heat loss is minimized even in winter by the heatshield.

Consistent Quality

Cowboy-style cooking

The Airtite Smoker cooks “cowboy style”, where the food hangs directly over the fire. Juices dripping onto the fire produce flavors you just can’t get any other way.

Pick your smoke level

Tune the smoke intensity to your preference by adding more or fewer wood chips. Choose "kissed by smoke" all the way up to "forest fire."

Humidity control

Just pour some water in the sealed bottom and you’ll have all the humidity you could ever need.

What Friends Are Saying

Ready to start smoking?

  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 3 year limited rust-through warranty
  • Made in Austria


Will my food fall off the hooks?

Absolutely not. We routinely cook 12 hour pulled pork and 6 kg slabs of ribs with no problem at all.

How much will it hold?

It’ll comfortably hold 8 racks of St. Louis style ribs, or a full brisket. That’s enough to feed up to 14 adults. The usable space in the cooking chamber is about Ø 34 x 42 cm.

Does it really cook for 12 hours?

Yes indeed, we do it all the time. When using high quality charcoal, we’ve even reached 15 hours of totally untouched cooking time.

How long will it last?

We offer a 3 year limited rust-through warranty. Properly taken care of, your kids will be fighting over it when you’re dead.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship to the EU, EEA and UK.

Where are these made?

Airtite Smokers are assembled in Austria from German and Austrian parts.

Alan Gibson


As a native Texan, I love barbecue. But I don’t love the hard work and long hours that goes in to making it.

That’s why I created the Airtite Smoker so that everyone can make world class barbecue without having to spend their lives learning to be a pitmaster.

Give it a try and you’ll agree it’s the best smoker you’ve ever used.

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