The New Airtite Smoker

Smoke real American BBQ with just 20 minutes work

The Airtite Smoker makes authentic slow smoked barbecue without hours of babysitting. We built generations of barbecue experience into the Airtite Smoker so you don’t have to spend a lifetime learning to be a pitmaster.

A smoker built for everyday outdoor cooking

We built the Airtite Smoker from the ground up to be the barrel BBQ you’ll love to use. It’s so easy it isn’t just for weekends and special occasions.

Spend time with your guests, not your BBQ smoker

The Airtite Smoker cooks untouched for 12 hours on just one 3 kg bag of charcoal. Just light it up and in 20 minutes you’re ready to smoke.

A versatile food smoker for your favorite eats

Airtite Smokers aren’t just meat smokers. They also double as a hanging fish smoker. With the optional smoking grill, it’ll even do veggies and some cheeses too.

A portable BBQ smoker with room to spare

Why block your terrace with a massive smoker when our small BBQ smoker can cook a brisket, 2 pulled pork shoulders or 10 racks of St. Louis cut ribs all in a convenient portable package?

Don’t call it a mini BBQ smoker when it will feed up to 14 of your family and friends.

Ready to start smoking?

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How it works

Fire it

Pour in the charcoal, light a fire starter brick and in 10 minutes you're ready to smoke.

Feed it

Drop in your hooked food and hang it on the hook rack.

Forget it

Hang out with your family and friends while your smoker does the cooking.

Finish it

Close the air intake and exhaust to extinguish the fire. Once it's cold, dump out any left over fluids and let it dry.

What makes us better

Cowboy style cooking

Airtite Smokers are “cowboy style” vertical charcoal smokers, so the food hangs on hooks directly over a low fire. Juices dripping onto the fire produce flavors you just can’t get with a pellet smoker or offset smoker.​

Hang-style smoking is faster than traditional drum smokers, with no burning and always even doneness. There’s no need to spray, mop or turn the meat.

Effortless temperature control

The air flow control provided by our unique air intake, fully heat shielded drum and stainless steel firebasket combination ensures that you won’t need to monitor the temperature even in cold or windy conditions. And we do it all without fragile electronics like a pellet smoker.

Humidity is maintained by condensation on the heatshield. No water smoker pan fill or clean.

Built right

Conceived in Texas, made in Austria. We didn’t cut corners making the Airtite Smoker. It’s not your average cheap vertical smoker or flimsy imported bullet smoker.

1. Brushed stainless steel handles

Overkill? Yes. Awesome looking? Also yes.

2. Oven cured paint

No more edge and joint rust like you find on enameled smokers.

3. Stainless steel hook rack

Way beefier than it needs to be.

4. Stainless steel hooks

The same ones butchers use.

5. Cold-rolled stainless steel firebasket

How many firebaskets come with a 3 year limited warranty? Ours does.

6. Hardened aluminum heat shield

Keeps the heat in and wind out far better than typical smokers.

7. Food grade lining

An incredibly strong fat, acid and water resistant lining.

8. Cold-rolled steel drum

Comes with a 3 year rust through warranty.

The new Airtite Smoker

What friends are saying

Roman K.
Roman K.
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As an absolute beginner, I managed to cook beef ribs perfectly with the Airtite Smoker on the first try! It ran by itself! Perfect!!!
Herwig J.
Herwig J.
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Easy, tasty and sexy looking … wait I’m talking about the smoker.
Markus S.
Markus S.
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I already own two smokers. What can I say, after trying out the Airtite Smoker my other smokers are retired 🙂 +The flexible setup together with the simple usage makes this smoker by far my favorite.

As a native Texan, I love barbecue. But I don’t love the hard work and long hours that goes in to making it. That’s why I created the Airtite Smoker so that everyone can make world class barbecue without having to spend their lives learning to be a pitmaster. Give it a try and you’ll agree it’s the best smoker you’ve ever used.

Alan Gibson

Questions? We've got answers.

Absolutely not. We routinely cook 12 hour pulled pork and 6 kg slabs of ribs with no problem at all.

It’ll comfortably hold 10 racks of St. Louis style ribs, or a full brisket. That’s enough to feed up to 14 adults. The usable space in the cooking chamber is about Ø34 x 42 cm.

Yes indeed, we do it all the time. When using high quality charcoal, we’ve even reached 15 hours of totally untouched cooking time.

We offer a 3 year limited rust-through warranty. Properly taken care of, your kids will be fighting over it when you’re dead.

Currently we ship to the EU and UK.

Airtite Smokers are assembled in Austria from German and Austrian parts.

No. We ship everything tax-paid. The price you see on our site is all you pay.

The new Airtite Smoker

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